Saturday, 31 October 2015

My New Blog! (Intro)

Welcome to my blog!

Its been a few years since I last posted/used blogger, really excited to be back now ready to make a return and start sharing my work again.

Who am I? What is this blog about?

So you may be thinking who I am and what this blog is about. Well my names Raj Dhillon a multidisciplinary illustrator artist living in the United Kingdom (Kent - to be more specific). Currently freelancing generally taking on various graphic design projects. Studied at the University for the Creative Arts (Rochester) and obtained a degree in CG Arts and Animation. I have huge passion for all things related to art and design, particularly in digital design. Love film animation games concept art visual effects and more so the entertainment industry is where I ultimately would like to end up.

This blog is a place where I'd like to off load my personal works old, new, digital and traditional. Sharing all kinds of creative things some design work, tutorials of my processes, current works and much more. 

Free free to contact and follow me :D

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