Friday, 6 November 2015

Early Explorations

Not much to say here really apart from the images below are some of my first ever concept explorations I produced based on own ideas often random thoughts(fantasy/sci-fi themed). A combinations of learning the tools and brushes expressing ideas was the main focus.

I knew the only way to get better was to keep practicing so learning the tools was a vital staring point.

Having Photoshop as the base program, the transition went from 90 % using pen and paper 10% digital, to a blend of using paper 20% of the time and now 80% digital. After spending hours and hours on Photoshop it has become second nature like drawing on pen and paper.

Things you are likely to see even in some of my recent piece's, which I will share on other upcoming posts, are development art work, Environment, Sci-fi, Alien Ships and all kinds of crazy weird ideas.

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