Thursday, 24 December 2015


Not entirely sure where or when this terms came about but essentially 'photo bashing' is manipulating photos/picture/images of your choice into your own artwork and painting over. Its used by professionals to quickly generate ideas, add detail which in turn speeds up proficiency in your artwork. Doing complex detailing can become very time consuming so its a very useful technique.

When starting out this technique wasn't was used much from my knowledge and we are going back a few years now.. but as times change and the creative community grows larger a lot more people have added this into their workflow including myself.

The beauty of this is not only can you structure the specific look, pattern, effect. You can arrive with a different outcome that was never planned so in essence a 'happy accident'. Works out for me quite a bit!

Note: If you are looking to try this technique start by finding vivid images photos of whatever you like. Insert over your artwork change layer blending mode to 'Overlay' or 'Multiply'. Its a good starting point and fun exercise.

First ever Photo-Bashing attempts. 

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