Sunday, 13 December 2015

Sources of Inspiration

When it comes to creating art its important to remain consistently inspired allowing you to generate new fresh innovative ideas. In this post I just want to share some sources of inspiration I personally use (entertainment industry design specific) in the form of popular YouTube channels listed below. They consist of an array of industry talent working individuals a heap of knowledge techniques critics and tutorials.

From time to time I take a sit a back from being creative and watch these guys, sometimes let them play in the background whilst working. Its taught me a hell of a lot, boosted my knowledge of the industries out there.

If you haven't yet visited these channels I highly recommend following you'll learn tons. A big shout out to these guys and their channels, all the content they share is free so they are using their own time to give back to us guys learning, would also like to add a massive THANK YOU for the valuable information provided.

Follow them!

FZD School

Ross Draws

Art Cafe

Level Up

Scott Robertson

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